Lawsuit against Union Gap & former mayor settled for almost $1 million

Lawsuit against Union Gap & former mayor settled for almost $1 million
UNION GAP, Wash. -- Kathryn Thompson maintained that working for Union Gap as the city clerk was unbearable. She blamed then Mayor Jim Lemon for creating a hostile environment. Now, Union Gap's paying her $950,000.

"Kathy would give every penny back just not to have to endure what she endured for all those years at the hands of Jim Lemon," said Patricia Kuderer, Thompson’s attorney.

Thompson sued after she resigned more than two years ago. Her attorney says Lemon forced her to leave because of unwarranted discipline, false accusations of poor work performance and verbal abuse.

"He would fly into rages and scream at her, stand over her and scream at here and she would shake," said Kuderer.

Thompson originally asked for more than two-and-a-half million dollars on grounds of sexual discrimination, emotional distress and unfair retaliation by Jim Lemon. Union Gap agreed to settle for the lesser amount.

A statement from City Attorney Robert Noe says..."The City is glad to put this matter to rest so that it can focus on achieving great things for its residents and businesses."

"The facts were on our side, that's just the reality of it. What Kathy said was true and I think that they realized that," said Kuderer.

Lemon was known for his strong opinions and outbursts during City Council meetings as well. Since leaving office, Lemon has had a few brushes with the law. He's currently in jail from his last run-in a couple of months ago at a convenience store.

Union Gap's insurance will cover the settlement. The deal also calls for Thompson to get a positive letter of recommendation from the city. And, for all negative documents removed from her personnel file. Thompson now works in the private sector.