LaSalle students picking for charity

LaSalle students picking for charity
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Students at LaSalle High School spent the day picking for charity.

The students picked apples at Alderson Orchard in Yakima Wednesday. The fruit will all be donated to Yakima's Northwest Harvest to be served at soup kitchens and given to those in need.

Student's tell us it feel good to give back.

"We're always in school and it's all about me, got to get my grades up, do my work," said student, Julia Hwang. "And then we come out here and it's not not about us anymore, it's about the people that we're serving."

Teachers tell us La Salle students are also learning about the culture of our area.

The La Salle seniors picked fruit on Monday, and juniors picked on Thursday. Tomorrow, the freshman will sort the fruit.