'Jesus is the reason for the season' sign sparks controversy

'Jesus is the reason for the season' sign sparks controversy »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. - Jesus seems to be the reason for neighbors to fight about a sign in one Pasco man's yard.

His large Christmas decoration has become the cause of controversy.
The homeowner's association says this sign breaks its rules.

Covenants for Mediterranean Villas, off Broadmoor, say signs can't be more than two-feet by two-feet. This one is six-feet by three-and-a-half feet.

Homeowner Tim Meeker believes it's not about the size, it's about the message. He told KEPR he will not take it down, even with the threat of fines.

"I feel this is the reason for the season right here and it doesn't offend anybody," Meeker said. "There was no rule against it last year, what's the problem this year? I'll see a lawyer. If they take it I'll call this police for theft its in my yard, on my property."

To get all sides Action News talked to board members of the homeowners association. They said they didn't ask for the sign to come down last year because Tim had just moved in and they didn't want to rock the boat with a new neighbor.

They say every resident got a copy of the rules and they intend to move forward with legal action to remove the sign.

The board members insist the message about Jesus would be welcome if the sign was the acceptable size.