Investigators say Naches Heights fire could be arson

Investigators say Naches Heights fire could be arson »Play Video
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Lesly Kezele has seen plenty of destruction as a volunteer firefighter in Naches Heights. This time it was personal.

"It's very dangerous situations like this where people lose their homes. And, we are one of them that lost everything," said Lesly.

Lesly lived in one of two mobile homes that burned to the ground on Naches Heights Road. He was at the station when he heard the location. His three roommates didn't have time to save much. Lesly says he lost some things that are irreplaceable.

"My grandma's paintings, photographs of grandma, photographs of my dad, my dad's obituary," said Lesly.

It didn't end there. The flames destroyed a pickup truck, outbuildings, a motor home and a camper.

"I just, I just don't know how to explain how sad it is," said Lesly.

Right now, investigators are trying to explain how it started. They don't know exactly, but say it was probably arson. But, can't find conclusive evidence. There have been a few other fires in this area over the last week. Now, investigators are looking into whether they're connected.

For Lesly, it's time to start over.

"We will just have to move on with what we have now," said Lesly.

A volunteer firefighter in a position he's used to seeing happen to other people. Lesly and his three roommates are staying with relatives in the area.