Internet problems? You’re not alone

Internet problems? You’re not alone »Play Video
NACHES, Wash. -- "This is when we just sit and wait," said Deb Young.

Deb has been having problems with her Internet service. She says it was shut off for about a week in April.

"There was nothing," she said.

WildBlue Internet explained in an email the reason for her slow connection was because she used too much data. So, the next day they called to upgrade her data plan. Someone was expected to come out that week to install it, but no one came. They rescheduled.

"And you sit and you wait and you wait and you wait, and no one shows up," said Deb.

This happened five times. It's been a month since she signed up for the upgrade. She found one other possible provider, but she isn't ready to make that switch.

"It's almost become the principle of the thing," said Deb. "I would like to have WildBlue follow through on the promises they've made and provide us the service that we've been paying for."

Deb contacted KIMA to help her take action. We made several calls trying to get through to someone from the company. The director of sales for Exede, the company that operates WildBlue Internet, contacted us while we were at Deb's house.

"We did drop the ball, we fully admit that and we're trying to get them taken care of," said Brad Behmer.

He says his staff is now handling it.

Deb is not the only one complaining about broadband service providers. Washington's attorney general has ranked it in the top ten for services with the most complaints the last few years.

"It's ridiculous," said Deb.

For now, she still waits to get what she ordered.

The internet provider tells KIMA the plan is to set up another installation time next week. Deb told us she was called by the company after our visit. We will follow up.