Hundreds pay respects to Ken Messer

Hundreds pay respects to Ken Messer »Play Video
Ken Messer's funeral at Saint Paul's Cathedral in Yakima on August 27, 2012.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It was a day to say goodbye to a Yakima legend. Monday was the day Yakima said goodbye to Ken Messer.

Hundreds of people came out for Ken Messer's funeral this morning at Saint Paul's Cathedral. It's the same place where he went to grade school.

The man who spent decades serving the community and who was the leader of KIMA died last week of lung cancer.

Messer's lifelong friend George Coson, who he met in grade school, delivered the eulogy. Coson said Messer was "the best" at so many things. Coson joked that Ken wanted him to deliver the eulogy to get even with him for all of the pranks he played on Ken when they were younger. He went on to say they were pranks he couldn't elaborate on in church.

His daughter, Lori Liebrecht, shared a poem that all of his children wrote for his 70th birthday last month.

"Dad's love for his work was passed onto us at an early age. One of our first jobs was monitoring commercials for less than minimum wage," said Messer's daughter Lori Liebrecht.

"He knew and he understood people," George Coson said in his eulogy. "He loved people. He was the best guy to call on if you needed somebody on a committee or if you needed somebody on a board because he would get the job done. And, he was really a good best friend."

Ken Messer was laid to rest at Terrace Heights Memorial Park. He's survived by his wife and their extended family of six children, 16 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.