Homeless man decorates what he calls home

Homeless man decorates what he calls home

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Along Rudkin Road in Union Gap underneath a tree, is what one homeless man is calling home. He's even hung ornaments.

Yakima County Code Enforcement told KIMA, they've dealt with this transient before in the past.

Property owners removed the man Saturday after causing a fit. But, some locals walking by stop and stare,  the decorations putting smiles on faces.

"Everybody has their place," said local business owner David Robbins. "I'm personally a big Christmas person, so, I find it interesting that he has some ornaments. I wonder where he got them."

For now, the decorations will remain up.

In the spirit of the holidays local businesses don't seem to mind his presence.

But, if the man returns to the property, owners can take action and file for a no tresspassing order.