Gun sales going up

Gun sales going up
SELAH, Wash. -- A national debate led to local action. Gregg Turck, owner of Ace Arms said gun sales skyrocketed since the tragedy in Connecticut.

"This past week, business volume has tripled from the normal Christmas business in itself," said Gregg.

New customers had been streaming in all week long. Many of them who weren't interested in guns until recent events.

"People are just buying all the accessories and firearms that they think they won't be able to get," said Gregg.

A couple of other local gun shops KIMA spoke to had also seen an increase. Stadler Arms said they sold 75 to 100 guns this week.

"A phone call that used to take five to ten minutes for gun owners to get a background check is now taking them one to three and a half hours just for them to answer," said Reporter.

To purchase a hand gun in the state, you must be at least 21 years old, fill out paperwork, and get approved by local law enforcement or the background check. And if you don't have a concealed pistol license, it could take up to five days to get your hand gun.

Rene Rodriguez said guns were meant to be put away and people usually don't expect to use them. But owning a gun made him feel safer.

"I think defending yourself is the first realization we have and I probably would do it and probably use a gun then," said Rene.

This was one trend that kept gun shops busy.