Grandview planning bigger museum; council weighing costs

Grandview planning bigger museum; council weighing costs »Play Video
GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- Grandview wants a new home to showcase its history. City leaders are trying to build a bigger museum. But, KIMA learned the cost has some of them concerned.

A walk through the Ray E. Powell Museum is a walk back in time. Grandview memorabilia line the walls and crowd the floor.

"We have exhibits that we have tucked under tables," said Grandview Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Carpenter. "We just don't have enough room."

That lack of space is why city council members want to build a new museum at the Country Park Event Center.

Architects brought their plans to the city council, including sketches and prices.

A new 5,000 square-foot building could cost Grandview about $700,000 dollars.

"They really like the design," said Carpenter. "There were a few concerns in terms of costs, the preliminary budget. So, that's something that we'll need to take a look at."

The price is a big concern. Especially, because the city allocated only $200,000 dollars to the project. Some of that was already spent on design costs.

Carpenter oversees the museum. He says the rest of the money could come from grants, private donations and possibly the city.

He says Country Park is a good location because it would bring more foot traffic.

"I think we would have more visibility for patrons that utilize the facility."

Richard Bissonette is new to Grandview. He supports the city's plans.

"It's a nice quiet community, and a museum would definitely, I think, increase the things to do for families."

And, Grandview hopes more visitors will come to this quaint town in the Valley.

The current plans are only preliminary. Grandview City Council will talk more about the price and design at its retreat this summer. The current museum space is being leased from the school district.