Grandview entrepreneurs to get a boost with new business incubator

Grandview entrepreneurs to get a boost with new business incubator »Play Video
GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- Local business owners in Grandview are about to get a boost. The port district plans to set up an incubator. It will give some up-and-coming companies a chance to grow. KIMA got a peek at the facility.

At the end of Wallace Way sits an empty building. The Port of Grandview has big plans for it.

"The port is really excited about the opportunity," said Executive Director, Jessica Hansen.

The port is buying it to turn into a food and beverage incubator with goodies for sale: definitely wine, maybe beer and food.

It's part of the Port of Grandview's plan to help local entrepreneurs get their small businesses going, by giving them a break.

"The port's really looking to help in any way we can. Boost their sales or lower their rent, or whatever that may be," said Hansen.

The Yakima County Development Association will loan the port district roughly $150,000 to buy the building. The port will throw in its own money, too.

The idea is inspired by YVCC, which operates two wine incubators on its Grandview campus. Mark Wysling runs his winery from one of them.

"Being able to pay just one lease price every month has been really helpful to getting my winery off the ground," said Wysling.

He uses his incubator space for office work, as well as storing and packaging his wine. And, he shares YVCC's wine-making equipment.

The port says several wineries and breweries are already interested in its project, along with a coffee roaster and a potato chip company.

The idea has neighbor, Michael Kantman, excited.

"We have to go out of town for a lot of stuff. So, if we had something here that we could go down and you know, a cup of coffee or a cup of juice, something unique."

A unique idea for bringing new business to town.

The Port of Grandview hopes to have the incubator running by spring at the latest.