Gorski, Brugnone sentenced to more than 20 years for murder

Gorski, Brugnone sentenced to more than 20 years for murder »Play Video
MIchael Gorski. Action News photo

YAKIMA, Wash. --  It took more than 15 years, but the family of Carolyn Clift says got justice Friday. Convicted murderers Michael Gorski and Frank Brugnone were sentenced in the Selah cold case.

Both got the maximum sentence of more than 20 years in prison.

It was a last effort from prosecutors to convince Judge Ruth Reukauf that Gorski and Brugnone deserved the maximum sentence.

Family members and police spoke on behalf of Carolyn in a case that changed the small town of Selah.

The defense had its turn. Gorski himself addressed the judge.

"I didn't do this, I didn't do this," Gorski said.

But it was a desperate plea that fell on deaf ears -- considering a judge and jury found both men guilty last month.

"It's no surprise to either of you gentlemen that I will sentence you to the top of the ranges," Reukauf said.

For second degree murder, that's 220 months. Add 24 more for having a gun at the time.

It's music to brother Curtis Clift's ears.

"The black cloud that's been over us and behind us has gone away," Clift said.

Even some of Gorski's family found relief in the decision.

"I know from growing up with him, the man is a predator, he's an animal," said Regan Keeth, Gorski's stepbrother.

For the family, it's time to move forward from a case that took more than a decade for justice.

"I think we are going to take a trip to the cemetary and put some flowers on my sister's grave. And my parent's graves. Celebrate the family we had," Clift said.

Both Gorski and Brugnone's defense attorneys say they plan to appeal their convictions.