Gaub family speaks out about FBI Investigation

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is following up on the FBI's investigation into a deceased Yakima man. Dan Gaub's home was searched by several FBI agents Wednesday morning.

Victims have called KIMA claiming they lost thousands of dollars in high-risk investments at the hands of Dan Gaub.

The Gaub family is now speaking out, calling Dan an ethical businessman.

KIMA was at the late Dan Gaub's home Wednesday morning as FBI agents combed through the property. What they were looking for remains a mystery.

But victims have come forward claiming they were robbed of thousands in an investment scam run by Dan Gaub.

His brother, Nathan, has a very different story to tell.

"Dan was a man who helped hundreds of people in his life,” said Nathan Gaub. “Dan was a man who worked hard to have the resources to help others."

The Gaub family said Dan was an educator and ethical in all his work.

KIMA asked Nathan Gaub: Are you confident through this investigation, Dan will be cleared of any wrong doing?

"I personally believe that,” he said. “Anyone who thinks they are a victim, at this point we believe they are just jumping the gun out of fear."

The family said they think the mess will be cleared up in time. Nathan Gaub said he believes the FBI was just checking out a tip.

KIMA: But the FBI doesn't just raid random houses.

"That's not entirely true,” said Nathan Gaub. “You could trigger an investigation into your boss with nothing but a phone call."

Action News contacted the FBI to see what exactly it takes to conduct a search like the one at Dan Gaub's. They said a federal judge must sign off on the warrant - something that requires probable cause.

What exactly that was in this specific case is the million dollar question.

The US Attorney's Office said the search warrant documents for this case are sealed - for now.

Gaub died earlier this month here on Summitview when troopers say he crossed the center line and hit a semi.

The coroner said the accident remains under investigation pending toxicology results.