First snow of the season

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HIGHLAND, Wash. --It's the first snow of the season and not much harm done. Almost every school in the Yakima Valley stayed on schedule. Only the Highland School District ran two hours late because of icy conditions. People here say they're getting ready for more.

"I carry chains for traction my tires I got super sealed so they're better in the weather," said truck driver Lucas Velarde.

Lucas is a truck driver and has been on the road for almost four months. He says the snow makes his job more difficult.

"It's more dangerous ice. You might not think it because of how big we are and what we weigh, but trucks are really unstable," said Velarde.

"I wouldn't mind it if it would stay off the roads. I don't like driving on slick roads," said Highland resident Dave Nelson.

Accidents were minimal. Yakima County deputies report one weather-related crash. Washington State Patrol says there was an accident in Chinook Pass, but don't know if the conditions are to blame Drivers say it's a matter of being prepared.

"I got good tires and everything is ready. All the hoses are put up and everything is great," said Highland resident Lisa Stokes.

Most people we spoke to said they're quite excited to see the snow. But they're also a little disappointed because there isn't very much.

“I love to watch the snow fall. It's beautiful and it reminds me of being a kid and snowmobiling," said Stokes.

"First saw the snow today when I woke up at 7:30. I was pretty excited, but I was hoping there would be a little more on the ground than there was," said Highland resident Jake Charterand.

"Son's first time seeing it and I want him to play in it, throw snowballs and make snowmen. But, we can't cause there's not a lot of it, but it was nice we had got a little bit of it” said Highland resident Danielle Thornton.

That chance will come eventually.