Firefighters & deputies join forces to catch arsonist

Firefighters & deputies join forces to catch arsonist »Play Video
NACHES HEIGHTS, Wash. -- Leftovers of a fire. Derrick Nordberg is relieved his house and property was spared.

"To lose everything you have, that's our biggest concern and luckily it was nowhere close," said Derrick Nordberg.

Others in Naches Heights have not been so lucky. Bill Braun was one of those living in a mobile home that burned to the ground. He tried to stop the fire, but couldn't.

"I was out there with a shovel and a garden hose trying to put it out and I apologize I couldn't do it and that's what hurts me the most," said Bill Braun.

In the last month, there have been eleven brush fires in the Naches Heights area blamed on people. They were either purposely set or accidentally set.

Fire officials say one thing these fires have in common is that they've been started on sides of roads. In three of the cases there was debris of fireworks found.

Fire officials are relying on witness accounts. But have little evidence to point out a suspect. The Yakima County Sheriff's Office may start a criminal investigation.

"As we have witnesses saying we might have seen this person we'll go out and talk with them, but as far as us just having detectives out sitting on street corners hoping we can find somebody light a fire, that's just not going to be productive," said Sgt. Detective Mike Russell of the Yakima County Sherriff’s office.

People in Naches Heights want the troublemaker caught quickly.

"I really hope they get him so that everyone up here can just breathe a sigh of relief," said Derrick Nordberg.

"So this doesn't happen to anybody else," said Bill Braun.

It's about catching a criminal before someone gets hurt.
Deputies met with fire inspectors for the first time today to get more details about the cases.