Fewer home burglaries happening in Yakima

Fewer home burglaries happening in Yakima »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The KIMA Crime Tracker is following burglaries in Yakima. KIMA learned fewer people have been breaking into homes.

Noel Moxley was coming home from dinner when she noticed something wasn't quite right.

A door in her house had been opened. Noel noticed her jewelry was missing.

"It leaves you with a sense of emptiness, a little bit of fear," said Noel.

Police came and tried helping her piece together what happened.

"We think what happened was that he reached in, and his arm was long enough to reach up and unlock," said Noel.

Police believe the burglar went straight to Noel's bedroom to take her belongings. There were precious valuables that Noel still hasn't been able to get back.

"I was happy that it was just stuff,” said Noel. “Although it was precious stuff to me, it was still just things, and nobody was involved and nobody got hurt."

KIMA learned the problem has actually gotten better. There has been more than a 20-percent drop in home burglaries in Yakima over the last two years.

YPD said they've been using their crime analyst to help them focus on where to patrol. But police said it's also up to you and your neighbors to help cut burglaries. Block watches can make a huge difference.

Noel lives in a neighborhood that has one. She said her neighbors email each other when they see something suspicious. But that isn't the only caution she takes.

"I don't leave my house for five minutes anymore that I don't turn the alarm on," said Noel.

YPD said a lot of burglars are repeat offenders.