Farm owner saves dozens of horses from death

Farm owner saves dozens of horses from death
ZILLAH, Wash. -- Bonita, a middle-aged horse, gets groomed in the afternoon sun. She's slipped some some treats and after wards is taken for a ride.

Bonita is one of nearly 30 horses on Cherrywood Farm in Zillah. Owner Pepper Fewel and her daughter,Tiffany, take care of them.

"They get to be around their own and be in the rain when it rains,
be in the snow when there's snow. They just get to be a horse," said Tiffany.

All but a few of the horses were rescued from feed lots. Horse owners who no longer want their animals sell them to the lots.Those not re-sold are sent away to be slaughtered.

"It's just a place of death and they know it," Tiffany said.

Pepper started rescuing horses for rides at her Bed and Breakfast.

"We started looking at the feedlots and thought, wow there's more purpose here than just a commercial ride and now it's gone way beyond that," Pepper said.

Pepper says it's too hard for her to turn down a horse with a death sentence. She now has twice as many as she used to. Pepper thinks owners are getting rid of them because of higher gas prices and feed costs.

Pepper says she recently rescued Booker, a blonde quarter horse. She says she saved the day he was scheduled to be sent away and

She says she's happy she found Booker because he's an extra sensitive horse who requires special attention around people.

Pepper trains her rescues to be ridden at local wineries and special events. She says she doesn't make a profit and pays for everything out-of-pocket.

"Lets hope they live their life, a good life, until the very end," Pepper said.