Fake concrete paver scamming Yakima people out of thousands

Fake concrete paver scamming Yakima people out of thousands »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Some people here in Yakima are shelling out thousands of dollars for work that's never finished. A scammer offers to pave your driveway, but never gets it done.

Whether it's your roof or driveway, repairs are part of being a homeowner. For Leonard Gargett, part of his driveway needed a little TLC. Leonard hired Andrews Concrete to do the job.

"He seemed like a nice kid and I tend to trust most people," said Leonard.

But, that trust was short lived. Leonard says John Andrews showed up for the first step and tore up part of the driveway. Leonard handed over more than $1,000, but they never showed up.

The Department of Labor Industries is aware of the problem. If a company gets enough complaints, they could be charged with a criminal offense.

We reached out to owner John Andrews. He told us he and his dad have been out of business for three years and claims the business card given to Leonard is a fake. When we called again for an official interview, Andrews did not pick up the phone.

Leonard says he's put the scam behind him. Now, he wants to help others not make the same mistake.

"If there's any doubt, call L & I and see if they're licensed or go online," Leonard said.

The Department of Labor and Industries has a list of contractors and companies with proper licensing. Andrews Concrete had its license suspended a year ago.

To be sure you're hiring a licensed contractor, check their credentials through here.