Ellensburg ramping up school security

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ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Rachel Caron sends her kids to Lincoln Elementary School. She's happy about the latest safety measures being taken.

"It's necessary in this time, in this day and age. And I feel a lot better about sending my kids to school knowing that the school district takes their safety seriously," said Rachel Caron.

That work includes building a new front office at Lincoln. The current administrative offices in the middle of the school don't let employees see who comes into the building. The new location changes that.

There's also more communication equipment. All schools now have an intercom system. Lincoln had it installed this year.

"It definitely gives me more peace of mind,” said parent Mandi Tate. “It makes my husband and I very thrilled to know that these measures are being looked after and taken care of."

The next big project for Ellensburg schools will be to install security cameras at every campus. The district budgeted half a million dollars for it.

Right now, only Ellensburg High School has cameras. Even those are considered outdated. The district is still determining where and how many cameras will be installed. However, all main entrances will be covered.

"It's going to make me feel a lot better when I'm done with my day, that I've done everything I can to provide a safe environment for the students," said Lincoln Elementary Principal John Graf.

"It's so comforting to know that the school district is taking these steps and doing these things to keep my child and all the children safe," said Rachel Caron.

And, that is the district's goal.

The Ellensburg School District expects the camera installation to start no later than next summer. Work on Lincoln Elementary's front office should be done in October.