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Ellensburg Police Department looking for more reserve officers

Ellensburg Police Department looking for more reserve officers
ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Police and reserve officers work hand in hand everyday, relying on each other to keep us all safe.

KIMA learned the department is experiencing a large shortfall of reserves.

We see them working everyday to keep our community safe.

Yet just by looking, you likely wouldn't be able to tell some of them are reserve officers.

"The reserves are out there doing the same job that the full time people are doing, but they're doing it for free, so it's truly a valiant thing that they do and it's a huge help to our city and to our police department," said Detective Sergeant Brett Koss.

Ellensburg usually has a force of about 15 to 20 reserves, but is currently down to only two, which puts a strain on the department.

"It's a force multiplier. So our reserve component if they're going to come out and work those details for us like at the schools or they're going to staff the football games, that means that our on duty fulltime officers can then be out patrolling, enforcing traffic laws, and making sure that our rode ways are safe, or responding to in progress crimes," said Koss.

Reserves have several key jobs, like assisting in patrolling the streets.

The Ellensburg reserve officers also play an important role providing security at our schools, by being able to respond to potential threats and developing relationships with the students and teachers.

Officers are currently taking applications, but making the cut is no easy task.

"We want to make sure that we have a mature person, that's made good life choices and is motivated and educated so they can interact well with our students and that they are a dependable part of our community," said Koss.

Providing that extra force, so the department can be far reaching in their goal of keeping us safe.

Ellensburg PD is accepting applications until December 20th for the next Reserve Academy that starts in March.

Applications can be picked up at their department or on their website. They're looking for people over 21, motivated to serve, and with no felony convictions.
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