Public drug deals a problem in Yakima

Public drug deals a problem in Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash.-- Drug deals in Yakima are getting more attention from people complaining they're seeing it in public. They're happening in places like parks where you expect to relax or take your kids and police know it's happening.

Pat Eiternick has enjoyed coming to Chesterley Park with her daughter for six years. She doesn't enjoy it now as much as she used to. She says she sees drug deals here almost every time they go. Last week, her daughter was intimidated at the park.

"She was here in the lot, the main parking lot and they were dealing," said Eiternick. "They more or less told her to get out and he threw a cigarette at her."

Police are aware public drug deals like this go on here in Yakima. Chesterley Park isn't the only spot.

"There's no place I would say in Yakima that's actually immune from the problem of drugs," said Rod Light, spokesperson for Yakima Police.

Police say every day technology makes it harder to stop. Cell phones give street dealers more freedom to move instead of staying in one location like they used to. They do their best with the resources they have.

YPD says a spot that consistently sees public drug deals is on 2nd and Maple Streets, just four blocks away from the police station.

"It's not safe anywhere," Eiternick. "I'm sorry, it isn't. It's not safe."

Police say their only chance of stopping it is if they get called as soon as you see it happen. If you wait until you get home, it's usually too late.