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Yakima doctor charged with 2nd degree rape after 'pelvic exam'

Yakima doctor charged with 2nd degree rape after 'pelvic exam'
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA has received new information on the Yakima doctor charged with raping his patient.

Doctor Fady Sabry appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon.

"To have this type of violation take place, there's no words to describe this situation, it's just unforgivable," said Yakima Police Captain Rod Light.

Even for officials at YPD that see crime every day, the accusation of rape by a doctor, comes as a shock.

YPD first got the reports of a sex assault committed by Dr. Fady Sabry, who works at Central Washington Internal Medicine, on September 4th.

Court documents show the victim told officials she had gone in for a refill of her medications, when the doctor asked her 12 year old daughter to leave the room as he performed a pelvic exam.

The victim stated that Dr. Sabry instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the exam bed, and told her it would be normal if she got aroused as he proceeded to violate her.

He later referred to the act as a pelvic massage, and said he only did it to patients he trusted. He said he didn't wear gloves, because he didn't want her to feel dirty.

"This is shocking, to have something like this, a person that you go to take car of your medical needs, and that you're supposed to have the ultimate confidence in," said Captain Light.

Court documents state that the victim met with detectives before going back for a follow up appointment.

Detectives had the victim wired to record her conversation with Dr. Sabry, during which time he made incriminating comments that led to his arrest.

Dr. Sabry initially denied everything until he found out his conversation was recorded. He then admitted to the incident and stated that there was no medical reason for the exam.

"It's a very unfortunate incident you know, that something like this would happen in our community, its very sad," said Captain Light.

Dr. Sabry is being charged with 2nd degree rape.
YPD says this is a rare occurrence in Yakima.
The hospital has not yet commented on the case.
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