Cafe Melange closed after losing lease

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Cafe Melange, a restaurant in downtown Yakima, has closed after losing its lease, according to its owner.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- There's one less place to dine downtown. Longtime Yakima restaurant Cafe Melange has closed its doors.

The family-owned restaurant has been located on Historic Front Street since the mid-80s. It focused on fine dining in an intimate atmosphere. Saturday, Mar. 1, was the last time to dine there.

Front Street visitors are sad and surprised to see the restaurant go.

"I think it's very disappointing because we have so few, I think in this community, of these unique types of businesses, and it's a loss," said Debra Kroon.

Owner Alice Matthews tells KIMA she closed the restaurant because she lost the lease.

When we spoke to Matthews, she was uncertain if she would try to reopen elsewhere.