2 arrested after man shot dead in Yakima

2 arrested after man shot dead in Yakima »Play Video
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YAKIMA, Wash. -- A bar bet over a game of pool is what police say is behind the early morning murder inside a Downtown Yakima bar. Police say the two men who lost the bet killed the man who won. They're now in custody.


Repairmen work to replace the broken window at Brews and Cues along South Second Street. A place police say was a murder scene hours earlier.


Investigators reported  23-year-old Justin Flick-Grange was shot three times inside the bar. Jay Shine told us he lost a friend.


"Shocked, just you know got messing with the wrong people and that's a tricky line to walk,” said Jay Shine.


Detectives said things went bad over a game of pool. Flick-Grange made a bet against two other men.


"The victim won the game and apparently the suspects didn't have the money to pay,” said YPD Spokesperson Captain Rod Light.


Police told KIMA it quickly turned into an argument over money that spiraled out of control. And, while the two men who lost the bet were leaving, one of them pulled a gun and opened fire. His friend said Flick-Grange wasn't the kind of guy who looked for trouble.


"He was my buddy. It's freaky to know someone that you would see just the other day and today, he's gone,” said Shine.


Deputies picked up the men about an hour and a half after the shooting. 21-year-old Louis Ayala and 26-year-old Luberto Rodriguez are now in custody facing a murder charge. Police told us it wasn't too hard to track them down because one of them left his I.D. at the bar.


Deputies found them in the Lower Valley at the address on the card.


Both Ayala and Rodriguez are being held in the Yakima County Jail.


They are expected to make their first court appearance Monday.