Another Downtown Yakima business to relocate

Another Downtown Yakima business to relocate »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Empty building after another after another, and it's just vacancy, vacancy, vacancy and nothing ever goes in,” said Downtown Yakima shopper Shi Salas.

If you take a look at Downtown Yakima, it's hard to miss empty storefronts and the remnants of what used to be the old mall.

Not many people are out, either. Those who are seem to agree the empty businesses are not a good thing for Yakima.

"It's vastly becoming a ghost town," said Shi. "The more and more businesses close, the less variety we have, and pretty soon it's going to impact the economy."

Gabe Figgs, the owner of New Yak City, feels the same way. That's why his store will soon be another empty space in Downtown Yakima. He says the location has prevented business from growing.

"Parking’s got harder where we are now, the construction has hurt our ability to find new customers on a daily basis, there's not a ton of walk-through," said Gabe.

New Yak City has been located on Yakima Avenue for the past six years and has been in Yakima for seven. But now they're making the move next Saturday to a location in Union Gap to grow business.

Gabe says Yakima just doesn't provide the opportunity for growth. He says all the vacant businesses are preventing more people from coming to downtown.

Gabe hoped his store could have attracted more people and businesses, but he says that just didn't happen.

"We were just kind of trying to bring it back here, but I think, at the end of the day, it's a fight that we're not able to win on our own," he said.

Gabe says the new location's proximity to the mall provides more foot traffic and plenty of parking. To him, that means more customers and better business, something he says Downtown Yakima is unable to offer him.

New Yak City will close its doors on Wednesday, then reopen Saturday on South 14th Street in Union Gap. The owner hopes that, with the new location, the business will bring in enough revenue so they can expand.