Animal Control seizes another 18 dogs from repeat dog hoarder

Animal Control seizes another 18 dogs from repeat dog hoarder
YAKIMA, Wash. -- More dogs have been taken from a repeat hoarder.

KIMA first told you about Evelyn Dauenhauer in 2012 when authorities took almost 50 dogs from her home in Yakima. Many of those animals had to be put down.

Dauenhauer once faced dozens of charges, but was given a slap on the wrist and no jail time. Now, she's been found with another 18 dogs.

Yakima Humane Society Manager Patsy Dye wasn't shocked when the Humane Society learned another 18 dogs were away from Evelyn Dauenhauer.

"It seems to be in our valley it's the same people that continue to haunt us with the hoarding problems," said Patsy.

She says this is the fourth time dogs were seized from Dauenhauer. KIMA first told you about Dauenhauer in 2012. Authorities seized almost 50 dogs from her home in Yakima. Many were so sick they had to be put down.

KIMA went to the address where those dogs were taken, but the house was boarded up. Patsy believes Dauenhauer no longer has a permanent home.

"Unfortunately, she's been putting them in a camper and packing them around with her," said Patsy.

That makes it difficult for her to be tracked by Animal Control, but this week they found the 18 dogs in her camper in Union Gap. Three had to be put down. The rest will eventually be put up for adoption.

"It's really wonderful to watch them turn around; we just hate the circumstances that we get them from," said Patsy.

Patsy says all they can do is take the animals away. It's up to the prosecutor on charges. In the last seizure of animals, Dauenhauer faced 29 criminal counts but, in the end, most were dismissed. She ended up paying a $1,000 fine and spent no time in jail.

I spoke to the prosecutor in Union Gap about this latest seizure of animals. He says he's still looking into the case and no charges have been filed, but he did agree her past would weigh into her future.

"I just wish we could stop her," said Patsy.

In Union Gap, you are not allowed to have more than four dogs. The prosecutor says the maximum misdemeanor for animal cruelty is $1,000 and 90 days in jail. KIMA will follow up to see if there are any charges filed against Evelyn Dauenhauer.