Naches mother looks for invaluable items that were stolen

Naches mother looks for invaluable items that were stolen

NACHES, Wash. -- It’s something you can't put a price tag on or replace. A burglary in Naches has some lasting repercussions: A mother lost the only mementos she has from the baby she never got to see grow up.

Catie has learned to get through the day, but her heart is still healing. There was an unusual burglary at her home last week. You can still see the damaged door. The burglars took a lot, including something that can never be replaced.

"That was the first thing I went back in for, and it was gone, so it was devastating," said Catie.

It was a small, round cardboard box with a light blue lid and dark blue base with the name "Brody" beaded at the top. Catie's special box contained a hat for a newborn, measuring tape, a lock of hair, footprints and handprints.

"It was just something that was there always, so it was something that I definitely noticed when it was gone," said Catie.

By now, you might be wondering why this box is so important. You see, Brody was Catie's stillborn son. Doctors couldn't find his heartbeat when she was 41 weeks pregnant.

"Having to plan your child's funeral is just not something you expect at 26 years old," said Catie.

Now, her personal tribute is in someone else's hands for no good reason. Obviously, she wants her precious reminder back.

"You take something that's of no value to you, you'd probably throw it away or get rid of it, so I'm hoping that they haven't done that yet," said Catie.
Catie didn't give up on her dream of having a family. She gave birth to daughter Morgan a year later.

"You see a two-year-old boy running around, and that's just what you think,” said Catie. “You think that could've been your daughter's big brother."

Catie isn't looking for personal punishment. All she wants is that little piece of Brody she holds dear. And, she'll take it, no questions asked.

The burglars also got their hands on some guns, a television and a laptop. But, it's the box that matters to her most.

If you have any information on the items, Catie's information is on this link.