Prosser Ex-Mayor in Court on Molestation Charge

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PROSSER - A former Prosser mayor was booked, finger printed and released Thursday. Linda Lusk, 49, is accused of molesting a child. On Thursday, Lusk pleaded not guilty to a felony child molestation charge.

She's facing a charge of third degree molestation for sexting and performing a sex act on a 14 year old boy.

Lusk went before a judge Thursday morning and had at least a half dozen supporters including her husband.

Her husband is the principal of Prosser High, it's the same school the alleged victim attends.

"I think she's glad today is over. The stress level is pretty high but she's managing. Her husband has been very supportive and she's got a supportive family," said Lusk's attorney Scott Johnson.

According to documents obtained by Action News, the alleged victim's parents say Lusk told them she had been texting their son for months and it had gotten out of hand.

At one point, the teen says Lusk sent him a picture-message of herself half-naked.

Lusk has another court hearing next month, her trial is expected to start in August.