Linda Lusk's Attorney: "The Truth Will Come Out"

Linda Lusk's Attorney: "The Truth Will Come Out"
PROSSER - Linda Lusk's attorney speaks out. The former Prosser mayor is facing child molestation charges but Action News reveals new details about why she plans to plead not guilty.

When Action News broke this story Wednesday, viewers certainly had plenty to say. Action News got lots of e-mails and comments on our website about the sex scandal involving Linda Lusk.

Action News showed you the court documents and explained the allegations. Now the other side of the story. Her attorney sat down with Action News for an interview Thursday.

"Linda has a story to tell and I think it's pretty compelling story to tell and someday her version will be told. Now's not the time, but the truth of what happened will come out," said attorney Scott Johnson.

The former Prosser mayor is facing a felony charge of child molestation in the third degree. She's accused of having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy and sending him dozens of inappropriate texts.

But her attorney tells us Lusk is pleading not guilty because there's more to the story. Johnson wouldn't go into details because the investigation still on-going.

"There's a lot of rumor and innuendo but I can tell you 99 percent of that is just untrue. Once all the investigation is done and once Linda gets a chance to tell her side, the actual truth will come out," said Johnson.

Action News found out, Lusk was brought in Thursday to talk with police and prosecutors. She has not been arrested. The prosecutor tells us it's because she's not a flight risk.

Lusk will be arrainged in Benton County Superior Court next week.