Ex-Mayor of Prosser Charged with Child Molestation

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PROSSER - The former mayor of Prosser is accused of third degree child molestation for a relationship with a 14-year-old boy. Only Action News has been on the story all day with details on this shocking scandal. We  worked the phones and dug through court documents all day Wednesday.

Action News can now confirm former mayor, Linda Lusk is charged with third degree child molestation after a friendship seemingly got way out of hand.

The rumor mill has been working overtime in Prosser these past few days and Action News has been on the story for two days. We dug past the rumors for official confirmation -- right from the prosecutor's office.

"During an exchange of text messages, the juvenile, a 14-year-old boy went to the defendant's house.  She brought him into a bedroom and had sexual contact at that time," said Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller.

According to court documents obtained by Action News, the boy's parents say Lusk told them she had been texting their son for months and it had gotten out of hand.

At one point, the teen says Lusk sent him a picture-message of herself half-naked.

According to the charging documents, the boy told friends and his parents that he went to Lusk’s home on an early release day from Prosser High about two months ago. The teen says Lusk touched his penis and he touched her breasts.

It seems Prosser police heard the rumors and began investigating and eventually turned it over to the Benton County Sheriff's Department.

"There was a potential conflict of interest since she served as the former mayor over the department," said Captain Steve Keane.

The small town is even smaller since Lusk’s husband is the principal at the same school the teenager attends. Linda is well-known around town for her past time as mayor, and also as owner of a boutique shop downtown.

Most people Action News talked to in Prosser had already heard rumors, but some folks were just hearing the news for the first time.

Action News is committed to covering all sides of this story so, we called Linda Lusk and stopped into her business downtown.

Her attorney called back Wednesday afternoon to say Linda Lusk plans to plead not guilty and is fully cooperating with police.

We also called the Prosser School District and were told Kevin Lusk is still on the job at Prosser High.

There is now a restraining order against Linda Lusk to keep her from contacting her alleged victim.

To read full court papers on this story including the probable cause statement, and temporary restraining order, click here.