Biomat Closing

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Yakima - It started as a staff meeting, but ended with pink slips. Dozens were laid off at a local plasma donation center. The Biomat location on Nob Hill was shut down Monday.

" I think it's unfair to the donors too, because people will walk or take the bus to get here. Sometimes an hour trip. I think there's gonna be people coming here all week because they didn't give anyone the heads up," said David Randell Curtis.

The only notice to regular donors is this typed letter on the door, apologizing for the inconvenience and referring them to the Kennewick office. Employees only found out this morning, when they arrived for work.

Grifols spokesman, Chris Healey said," We're going to have a substantial reduction in our operation hours and workforce. And ultimately we'll be closing down that operation."

Healey said the center just didn't bring in enough plasma for the company to benefit financially. It averaged about 600 donations a week. That's compared to 1000 at Grifol's busiest locations.

David Randell Curtis was a regular at the center. He said he was paid up to $250 a month, by donating plasma twice a week. David says he spoke to an employee this morning who told him about the staff meeting.

"The staff had no idea any of this was coming. They just showed up and bam they're gone."

Healey said, " We've offered a number of employees opportunities to relocate with the company. We've also offered others severance packages."

But for donors like David, that guaranteed weekly paycheck will be gone.

The company will keep the center open for a few more weeks with a skeleton staff. It will only take 20 donors by invitation only, until it closes for good. Though no one was able to tell us how those donors would be chosen