New Mayor in Yakima

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YAKIMA --- As of Tuesday night, Yakima has a new mayor. He's one of the youngest in Yakima history. Action News finds out what's first for Mayor Micah Cawley, and why former Mayor Dave Edler decided not to re-run.

"Mayor Cawley, how do you like your new title?" Action News asked. "I'm still getting used to it," he chuckled. The 25-year-old D-J has been on the council 4 years and served as mayor pro-tem for two of those years. "I think it's important that young people know that if you set your mind to something and you seek out to do it, that you can accomplish that," he smiled. Cawley won in a 5-2 vote. Maureen Adkison won the other votes and was elected the new mayor pro-tem.

Former mayor Dave Edler has been the mayor the last 4 years and was on the council 2 years before that. "There were tensions on the board and things going on that made me feel like maybe it's time that I step back and let somebody else take it," he said. Edler will serve the rest of his two-year term as a council member instead. "To be honest I'm glad because when you chair the board you can't say all the things you want to say because you have to run a meeting," he reasoned.

Now it's up to Cawley to lead the board and the city. "What are you hoping to do first as mayor?" we asked. "Mainly find out what the council members as a group want to do. We get together around and have a retreat within the next few months and we'll determine what our priorities are and goals are," he said.

We asked former mayor Edler about his favorite outcomes in the last 6 years. He said he's most proud of the cleaning and revitalization of downtown, and about changes to public safety that have reduced crime rates.