Family Plans To Profit From Coverage

Family Plans To Profit From Coverage
Last month you met the Beamans...
The family put one of their cars on the roof after city code told them to clean up the yard.
Get it -- they cleaned up?
Well, the Beamans say the city hasn't come calling again -- but friends and neighbors sure have.
Deborah Beaman says they're using all the attention -- to promote their car hauling business.

"And we're gonna put it right up there by the car!"
(reporter) so you are using the car and what you've done with the car as an advertisement...
"Yes, yes..."
(reporter) so it does serve a purpose?
"Yes it does and I don't think it's hurting anybody..." she says.

Beaman isn't worried about the car breaking the roof.
She says -- let it fall -- no one lives inside that house anyway.