No Recall Petition for Yakima Council Member

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YAKIMA -- There will be no recall effort to oust Yakima City Council member Rick Ensey. The judge handed down his verdict Monday. I spoke with Ensey. He says he's relieved it's over, but not surprised by the judge's ruling.

" Everyone asked me if it was a stressful weekend and it wasn't because my conscience is clean. I never broke the open public meetings act and the judge obviously agrees with me," said Ensey.

In his decision, Judge Michael McCarthy said it is not the Court's role to decide whether Mr. Ensey is a saint or a sinner or whether his actions were clever or deceitful. He adds that the other side was never able to prove that there was indeed a quorom, when Ensey and fellow councilmembers were discussing adopting a new budget process, therefore the charges cannot be substantiated. Ensey may be off the hook when it comes to a recall petition. But it still cost the city, and you the taxpayer. Council voted earlier this month to cover Ensey's legal costs. I called Ensey's attorney to find out how much the city would have to pay out, but he said the case isn't wrapped up just yet. So, he doesn't have any numbers at this time. Ensey said, " Obviously this was a waste of taxpayer money and it's just too bad. But fortunately we kept it to a minimum."
For now. There is still a possibility recall petitioners Charlotte Jones and Gene Rupel could decide to appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court.