Is Yakima's Pitbull Ban Working?

Is Yakima's Pitbull Ban Working?
YAKIMA -- Pitbulls are filling up Yakima's animal shelters despite the fact they're illegal to own.

With a stray pitbull attacking and injuring a woman in Granger, animal control officers like Ben Zigan have their hands full.

"With the reputation that pitbulls have, if it's running loose, a lot of people freak out and call 911," says Zigan.

With pitbulls not allowed in Yakima, Zigan brings them to the Central Washington Humane Society. On average, a new pitbull arrives everyday."

Alan Landvoy, director of the Central Washington Humane Society, says several pitbulls are in his kennels at any given time.

Which leads to a sad fact: 97% of pitbulls at the humane society will never leave the building. Most of them end up being put to sleep, because they go unclaimed, all because of people ignoring the law.

And that leads to a very big question: is the ban even effective? Zigan tells Action News reporter Ryan Simms that he believes it ultimately is, but if more people obeyed the law, his days would be spent differently.

"It would free up a lot of our time, because a lot of the calls we get about pitbulls turn out not to be (about) pitbulls."

By simply following the law, people would not only be saving Zigan a trip, but also saving the life of an animal who didn't ask to be kept illegally.