Unused Mall To Become Upscale Apartments

Unused Mall To Become Upscale Apartments »Play Video
Developers unveiled the impressive plans to convert the old Bon Marche building into upscale apartments on Wednesday night.

Each condo will have towering ceilings as tall as 18 feet. Other units will have heated bathroom floors and private decks, while landscapers will transform the roof into a garden terrace for social events.

"I've lived in Yakima my entire life and you always hear people dreaming up things like this that should happen, but I've never seen them come into play," said resident Kaitlin Cole.

JEM development, the building's owner, already gutted the structure to determine whether condos could be built in the old mall. Meanwhile the project's investor hopes to start construction as early as January. The project should be complete by early 2008.