Take Guess Work Out Of Auto Repair Costs

Take Guess Work Out Of Auto Repair Costs
Yakima -- Everybody's looking for ways to cut costs and one way you can save some major cash is with your car. We've got two websites that take the guess work out of auto repairs.

Keeping costs down by doing the work yourself. "I am working on my car out of financial necessity, I have to live very frugal the economy really kicked me around," says Johnny Oenbring.

The economy has kicked a lot of us around and has more people holding onto to their older cars a bit longer and then doing maintenance and repairs by themselves. Think of it as WebMD.com for your car, two websites that can help keep you informed and keep costs down.

www.repairpal.com and www.driverside.com not only give you estimates on how much parts and labor should cost, the websites also give brief explanations about what your repair entails. That way you know what you should be paying before you take your car in for an estimate. Pat Ehl says, "I don't know about brakes and how much it would cost."

For people like Pat Ehl who are in the dark about car repairs the websites can keep you in the know. But local mechanics say use caution and be careful when self-diagnosing your car. "I believe they're a good idea just sometimes gotta be real careful on wording don't misinterpret something," says Eddie Perez, Frank's Tire Factory.

Another good way to keep your car costs down is to put the brakes on a problem when it first starts. Take a routine brake job, on average costs around $200 but if you let it go the bill can grow to $400 even $500. Bob Stieler says, "I bought the vehicle used and the maintenance wasn't kept up so some of the parts are more costly than anticipated."

When the name of the game is saving money on your car, the last thing you want to do add to the list of repairs.