4 day school week

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The 15th District has introduced a bill that would give schools the flexibility to go to a four day week. They see it as an opportunity to save money and come up with more productive student schedules. But ask a busy mom what she thinks, and you get a far different answer.
Pamela Maxey says, " To get childcare is going to be a hardship and to pay for it will be a hardship and I don't know that they can absorb enough in four days. There's so much recess, my child is in grade school and I have one in high school. I just don't think it's a good plan."

Local lawmakers say the bill will benefit smaller, more rural districts like Wapato. They say since some South Dakota schools changed to a four-day week in the mid 90's and they've seen a drop in truancy, fewer teachers calling in sick, and more money.