Helen Jewett, Yakima Valley Philanthropist Dies

Helen Jewett, Yakima Valley Philanthropist Dies
Helen Jewett, longtime Yakima resident noted for her charitable contributions to a number of Yakima organizations died Friday morning.

Name a building or an organization in Yakima, from the Yakima Symphony, to the YWCA's new facility and you'll find the philanthropic gifts of Helen Jewett had something to do with the program succeeding or the building getting built.

Jewett's influence was felt by organizations such as the Yakima Symphony, Yakima Schools Foundation, Heritage University, Children's Village, the Capitol Theatre, Yakima Valley Community College, La Casa Hogar, Memorial Foundation, Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Yakima's YWCA, United Way, Yakima Greenway Foundation, Yakima YMCA, the Yakima Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, KYVE, Downtown Rotary, the Harman Center and many more.

Jewett and her husband Don were instrumental in many community projects, including the Yakima Area Arboretum. Don died in 1993. Helen was then married to F. Walter (Walt) Shields from 1997 until his death in 2004.

Jewett was 94.