Organ Donation Shortage

18 people die a day waiting for an organ.
Early this month, the number of people waiting grew to over 100,000 people. And it's getting worse.

The interim director for the ACU at Regional tells me this will affect everyone. "It's going to affect some family members of theirs one day. it will either affect them or one of their loved ones."

One non-profit called Lifeshares offers a controversial solution. Two lists - An a list and b list.
A- list for people who pledge to donate - they'll get top priority. B list, for those who won't. They will be last on the list.

Executive Director of Lifesharers tells me this will encourage more people to donate.

But not everyone agrees.

Megan Erwin, VP of Living Legacy says "We believe that eduation is the answer and not creating an exclusive class of people who would move to the top of the list."

That education includes ridding the misconceptions of donating organs.