Police playing catch up after decomposed body found in Yakima home

Police playing catch up after decomposed body found in Yakima home »Play Video
A body was discovered here in a boarded up home on the 600 block of North 4th Avenue in Yakima. Photo by Sarah Navoy, Action News

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima police are investigating a murder after a body was found in an abandoned home on North 4th Avenue. Investigators said the body of a woman found Wednesday had been there at least two weeks. That makes it a very hard trail to follow.

All we really know is that she was in her 20s and her body was badly decomposed. Action News spoke with neighbors who could smell there was something wrong.

"It's a nasty smell. That type of smell that you can't handle," said Neighbor Alain Moreno.

Like the lingering smell , fear lingers in this usually quiet North Yakima neighborhood.

"I'm shocked and kind of scared also," Moreno said.

Moreno never liked the eyesore next door -- boarded up windows, graffiti and trash. The home is for sale at a low price but still not very enticing.

"You have this weird feeling, but you don't know what to do because, you still live next to it. It's still right there," he said.

The woman's body was removed Wednesday after someone smelled the body, found her and called police. Now Yakima police say she was there for weeks. Special investigators are working to pin down a specific timeline.

Police say she was shot once in the head -- likely right where they found her.

Police aren't releasing the victim's name for the sake of the investigation. They said there are no suspects. All that adds to the anxiety in the neighborhood.

"It's crazy cause you would never imagine to find a a dead body in this neighborhood," Moreno said.

Action News reached out to the property owner, but he did not want to talk.