'You're supposed to be gone:' Yakima code enforcement cracks down

'You're supposed to be gone:' Yakima code enforcement cracks down

YAKIMA, Wash. -- After dozens of inspections along North First Street, the Yakima Codes Department is tackling another problem: illegally parked campers and trailers around Yakima.

A routine codes check up Wednesday afternoon at a property on East Beech Street turned into a dog raid. Action News had the only cameras rolling as dogs were put into cages and residents were told to leave.

It's a final warning for people living in a "camp" of sorts near East Beech Street.

"You're supposed to be gone. You said you were leaving in a couple of days," said Yakima Code Enforcement Manager Joe Caruso.

People living in those campers were warned two weeks ago. After countless excuses, Yakima code enforcers said they're done giving repeat offenders leeway.

"Almost two weeks and nothing has changed here. Now we have to use the tools we have," Caurso said.

Those tools include a call to animal control. The owners of this pit bull were told to bring it outside city limits. Animal control officers wrangled about a dozen dogs total.

"All they've known is a dump," said Sabrina Lantis.

Her uncle was living in one of these campers. She believes his animals deserve a better home.

"I thought they were being taken care of, but eight dogs crammed into one tiny thing? That's not okay," she said.

The city agrees. All the dogs were taken to the humane society and Yakima police tagged each camper.

Friday is the deadline. They either have to move or get towed.

"We're hitting the whole city right now -- not just doing North First Street," Caruso said.

Code complaints overall have risen about 40 percent. Officers said they're tagging at least three illegally parked vehicles a day.

And in cases like this, five trailers illegally on one property with at least eight dogs in cages -- it's a final warning.

Code Enforcement said much of the problem is on the southeast side of Yakima. Action News will follow up on Friday to see if those vehicles have been moved.