Wet weather floods Yakima streets

Wet weather floods Yakima streets
Photo by Sarah Navoy, Action News

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A stormy start to the day brought plenty of problems with it. Drivers and athletes dealt with the worst.

It caused significant flooding on one Yakima street and several state tournament games were canceled.

The only person to blame is Mother Nature. She caused the rain that forced the closure of 48th Avenue.

"Just flooding out this intersection here."

Before Yakima closed the road, some drivers took a chance.

Some of our Facebook followers sent us photos of the flooding. Several cars got stuck in the flooded section of 48th.

Jim Heady kept his car far from the water.

"Everyday you don't see a road almost flooded out," Heady said.

But his curiosity brought him over on foot.

Softball players from around the state and their parents were curious about the status of their state playoff games.

"We're all really pumped up - ready to play some games," said Makaila Cheshrie, a softball player.

Many of those games were rescheduled.

"We just really want to play but we can't because of the stupid rain," she said.

"Very disappointing, You kind of build up all year to this weekend," said Coach Gary Dorman.

Surprisingly, the rain didn't disappoint farmers in the area. Barrett Orchards said it's too early in the season to see the negative effects on the cherry crop.

However, later in the season heavy rain followed by sun can crack the cherries.

We can only hope Mother Nature plays nice for the rest of spring.

The water has been drained off of South 48th Avenue. It is open to traffic.

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