Naches fire: 2 firefighters hurt in truck rollover; $500k in damage

Naches fire: 2 firefighters hurt in truck rollover; $500k in damage

NACHES, Wash. -- Wednesday night's fire caused $500,000 in damage to the 3,000 square foot home on Young Grade Road.

The red hot flames could be seen for miles.

It's still not clear how it started. The owners and fire crews say flames first sparked on the deck.

The owners tell KIMA they're grateful no one was hurt and plan to rebuild on the same lot.

"I just think that going through this kind of experience puts life into perspective and I think what it's also done is given me a greater sense of compassion,” Jill Dougherty said.

Every fire department in the upper valley responded to the fire. There are no fire hydrants in the area. Crews had to bring their own water tankers. In the dark night, a Naches Fire truck accidentally drove off a ridge.

Dan Mansfield is the Naches Fire Chief. It was his wife and father-in-law who were in the truck. They are going to be OK. However, the truck rolled over near the river and at the time he feared the worst.

"I believe it would have been a lot different story had they not been wearing their seat belts,” Dan said.

Living in a rural area means there's not a lot of access to water. One neighbor tells me it doesn't worry him.

"My wife counted 14 vehicles coming up this area, so I think we're quite well equipped,” Gerry Nehls said.

The fire victims say family and friends have helped them stay well equipped in their time of need.

"Certainly we've had wonderful friends who have helped us and gathered around and our neighbors have been absolutely incredible,” Jill said. “So I just look for the hope and the optimism."

The Naches Fire Department said the $90,000 tanker was likely totaled.

The fire victims are staying with friends and family. Investigators have not determined an official cause of the fire.