2 arrested after Yakima broker found badly beaten

2 arrested after Yakima broker found badly beaten »Play Video
Vern Holbrook

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two people made their first court appearance Tuesday morning after a real estate broker was found with his throat slashed last weekend in a Yakima County home. Police arrested Luis Gomez-Monges and Adriana Mendez for the crime.

According to court documents, a co-worker went looking for Vernon Holbrook, 78, when he didn't return to work Saturday. He found Holbrook's truck sitting outside and called 911. A neighbor who had a key to the home on the 17000 block of Summitview Avenue let the co-worker in. They found Holbrook covered in blood on the floor.

Holbrook narrowly escaped death, according to the documents. He only survived because the cut to his neck missed a main artery.

Holbrook's cell phone was missing, so authorities said they contacted the phone company to track his recent calls. They contacted Mendez who agreed to come in for questioning. Police said she later backed out, but they found her at a Yakima hotel and took her into custody.

Mendez told police she and Gomez-Monges made up names and set up a home tour specifically with Holbrook, according to court papers. Adriana told them she was in a bedroom with the two men in the Summitview home when Gomez-Monges hit Holbrook from behind. She said she turned to leave the room and heard a loud thump. She then went outside to the car where her children were waiting.

They left when her Gomez-Monges came out. Mendez told police she "may have" seen him throw a cell phone out of the car. Police believe that could have been Holbrook's phone which hasn't been recovered. It's unclear what the motive may have been.

Gomez-Monges was charged with 1st degree attempted murder and Mendez was charged as an accomplice. A judge set bail Tuesday at $750,000 for each of them.

Holbrook remains in serious condition at a Seattle hospital.