'I had no clue that he was a child molester at all'

'I had no clue that he was a child molester at all'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Keeping sex offenders away from kids is a goal that isn't always possible.

The law is designed to protect kids at school. Action News found one local offender whose business can put him in close contact.

KIMA took your calls and email about a man in the party rental business and we spoke with the man who owns the place.

Cynthia is a mom of two. She regularly checks the sex offender registry to protect her kids. She couldn't believe it when she came across the photo and recognized the man.

"I had no clue that he was a child molester at all. I had no clue," Cynthia said.

Perry Luchsinger legally changed his name to Matthew Thompson.

Cynthia worries this registered sex offender regularly comes into contact with kids. Not at schools or parks, but because of his business. He owns a company that rents those popular bounce houses for events and parties -- a hit with the kids.

"I've even had a bouncy castle company come to my home and it made me think, 'Who is that man that delivered that bouncy castle for my daughters birthday?'" she said.

Luchsinger is a Level 2 offender convicted of Child molestation in the third degree. When he committed his crime in 1998, he was 35. His victim was 15.

Action News went to his store to talk with him.

Luchsinger said he started the business because it's hard to find work with a record and he needs to make money.

Cynthia says he should be doing something else.

"It's disgusting to know that it actually goes on, it's just not okay," she said.

"There's no law on the books that disallows an offender who's registered from working around or even with children," said Cariann Ross, Yakima County Sheriff's Office records supervisor.
But Luchsinger is doing something he's not supposed to. KIMA found a Facebook Page under his new name, Matt Thompson.

Facebook policy doesn't allow any registered sex offender to have an account. We took the issue to Facebook and the page was removed.

Luchsinger maintains his past is behind him.
"There's no way I can get out from under it. I'm just going to run the business and do the right thing and anyone that wants to talk crap about me can," he said.

Last year local law enforcement brought the matter to state lawmakers pushing for legislation to prevent sex offenders from working around kids. But, it didn't go anywhere.

Perry said he will be removed from the registry in less than two years.