Local Nursing Home Cited, Didn't Follow Doctors' Orders

Local Nursing Home Cited, Didn't Follow Doctors' Orders
State residential services alerted the Parkside Care Center's owner Jeff Marshall --
his staff didn't follow doctors orders dressing wounds.
Now, the Gipson family wants to make sure their dad's treatment didn't contribute to his recent death.
We want to warn you, you might find some of these images disturbing.

"They have an absolute right to be treated with dignity and to have good quality care," says Gipson family attorney William Pickett.

Pickett's investigating whether their Gerold Gipson was allowed to physically deteriorate at Parkside.

"Essentially, how did our father get into this condition?" he explains.

The family had concerns Gerry was being mistreated...
That his wounds weren't being dressed right.
They later took him home.

Valerie Hurst, reporting: "But it wasn't till the Gipsons brought their father here, to Memorial hospital, that their fears seemed to be confirmed...
Staff here raised some red flags about Gipson's condition, and started snapping pictures..."

"There was a significant decay with formation of a number of maggots..." Pickett explains.

That's right, maggots.
But the state's residential services department, investigating with union gap police, says maggots can form in just hours.
The Gipsons took their dad out of Parkside for more than a day, then brought him to the hospital.
And with no sign of flies at Parkside, there's no proof the maggots appeared there.
The state also says those wounds were there when Gerry entered Parkside.
Still, the Gipsons want to know if their dad's condition could've contributed to his death.

"I think at this point the family wants answers as to is there a connection or not and they're certainly entitled to those answers..." says Pickett.

Action News talked to two people with parents living at Parkside...
they had nothing but good things to say about the place.

"The staff evaluated her and determined she was overmedicated and adjusted her medication and she started eating on her own..." says Jim Van Horn about his mom.

"My father's got excellent care here, and he's been here almost two years. I've never had any complaint...." adds Mary Hart.

We talked to Parkside owner Jeff Marshall by phone...
He says he vehemently denies any connection between Gipson's care and his unfortunate passing.
He also denies responsibility for Gipson's condition after getting dispatched.
I found out Parkside's had six or seven complaints since the beginning of the year.
The state says it's not typical for nursing homes around here to have that many complaints.