Yakima plans to resurface the dozen worst roads

Yakima plans to resurface the dozen worst roads »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Potholes and cracks make for a common sight and a bumpy ride on some of Yakima's busiest streets. Now, the city identified its dirty dozen. Twelve streets in the worst conditions will be resurfaced this year.

Joyce Swart lives near a section of 40th Avenue that's on the list.

"There are places on 40th where when I come to them, I often think there's something wrong with my tires or my car because of the roughness," said Joyce.

Phil Luther runs a pharmacy on Tieton Drive. He said the work here will affect his business, but said it's a necessary sacrifice.

"We've had several accidents in front of our business over the years,” said Phil. “I've seen how some of the other new roads are doing around town and they make a significant difference."

Some of the roads getting resurfaced include Tieton Drive from 32nd Avenue to 40th Avenue. There will also be fixtures on 40th Avenue from Tieton Drive to Summitview Avenue, and 1st Street from Mead Avenue to Nob Hill.

Neighbors KIMA spoke with said even though the project may cause traffic delays, the money spent will be well worth it because the streets need to get fixed before they get worse.

"Fixing things when they're not so bad is going to be a lot easier and probably less expensive than waiting until they get full of holes," said Joyce.

Work is expected to start in May. The city said all of the projects should be done around September.  

"It may affect us in the short term, but long term it'll be a better road and could do nothing but help," said Phil.

Bids for contractors will go out in April. The next step to making some bumpy rides a bit smoother.

Here's a list of the twelve roads:

  • Tieton Drive – 32nd Ave. to 40th Ave.
  • 40th Avenue – Tieton to Summitview
  • Summitview – 48th Ave. to 56th Ave.
  • 64th Avenue – Ahtanum Rd. to Washington Ave.
  • 6th Street – Yakima Avenue to ‘H’ Street
  • 6th Avenue – Englewood to 350 feet north of Madison
  • Walnut Street – 1st Street to 6th Street
  • Nob Hill Boulevard – 300 feet west of 1st Street (bridge end) to 500 feet west of Fair Ave. (excluding the 6th Street intersection)
  • 1st Street – Mead Avenue to Nob Hill Boulevard
  • Fair Avenue – Mead Avenue to Nob Hill Boulevard
  • Washington Avenue – 1st Street to 14th Street