2 Yakima teens shot in broad daylight: 'We're not safe anymore'

2 Yakima teens shot in broad daylight: 'We're not safe anymore' »Play Video
Photo by Sarah Navoy, Action News

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There are very few answers tonight after a shooting this morning here in Yakima. Two teenagers were critically injured when gunfire rang out on Fourth and Maple Streets. Police only say they're looking for a person of interest, but no one is in custody.

"It's scary," said one neighbor.

"Devastated," said Sherri Switzer, who had a bullet hit her car.

"It's crazy," said witness, John Leingang.

They're different words, spoken with the same emotion.

"My hearts just boom boom boom, real fast cause that's how close the bullets were," said John.

He had to duck for cover behind his truck. Watching as several bullets flew past him.

"I looked down and there's two people down," said John. "One shot in the face, the other in the back."

Those two victims were teenagers.The 15-year-old shot in the head is not expected to make it. The 17-year-old boy was flown to Harborview in Seattle with serious injuries.

"I'm still shaking," said Sherri. "It was way too close."

Sherri wasn't hit, but her car is now evidence.

"What if we would have been out in the car," asked Sherri. "Our children walking around?  During the daytime. It's ridiculous."

Police say people like Sherri and John are an important part of the investigation. So are the clothes and bullets collected at the scene.

Yakima police tell us they think this midday shooting is gang related. However, it's still too soon to be sure.

Meanwhile, neighbors say it's still too soon to feel safe in their own home.

The shooting also put Adams Elementary and Washington Middle schools on high alert. Both were on lockdown for a few hours this afternoon.

Police still don't know if more than one shooter was involved. We'll likely know more once police can question the person of interest.