Yakima officers overwhelmed with snow, ice related accidents

Yakima officers overwhelmed with snow, ice related accidents
YAKIMA, Wash. -- From snow and ice to water. Yakima finally got a chance to thaw out. But not before dozens of accidents on Yakima's streets.

The large the number accidents caused Yakima Police to use their Inclement Weather Policy.

In a nutshell, it basically means officers stop responding to accidents all together. YPD tell us they use the policy when they have both a large number of accidents, along with other calls like burglaries and assaults. During that time, if you get into a crash, it's your responsibility to exchange information and handle it with your insurance company. YPD will take a report, but not at the scene.

"That's pretty scary that it's that intense," said cautious driver, Carliann Forthun. "Yakima is used to the snow, so it must have been quite slippery last night to get to that point where YPD can't respond to everyone."

Many say the slick streets are to blame for the large number of accidents. But they know the city can't always beat mother nature.

"I wish they would focus a little bit more on the side street because that's where most accident can happen because it is slick," said Yakima driver, Stephanie Siebol.

Parts of 40th Avenue were actually closed Saturday night because of ice. An inconvenient, yet potentially life-saving precaution.

"Take it slow and watch out for everyone else," said Siebol. "It's not just you on the road. It's everyone else you have to watch out for too."

Yakima police say that it is good advice. Drive slowly or not at all.