Yakima's gang hotline has gone silent

Yakima's gang hotline has gone silent »Play Video
YPD's Gang Unit

YAKIMA, Wash. -- There's a hotline to call in anonymous tips about gangs in Yakima, but no one's called in more than two years.

Despite that Yakima police thinks it could be a vital asset to its gang unit.

"Because it gives the officers an idea as to where they need to patrol," said Sgt. David Cortez. "You know gang houses are going to change just like anything else after awhile. When gang members start to feel pressured at a particular residence they're going to move elsewhere and now we start to play a guessing game as to where they moved. These hotlines give us an idea of where they possibly moved to."

If you want to get that phone ringing you can leave anonymous tips to Yakima police at 575-GANG.